Frequently Asked Question's

1. Do you work alone or do you have a team with you?

I work alone on almost all occasions. I am the owner, employee, manager, and accountant for my business. I will be the only person you talk with throughout this whole process and I will go above and beyond to make sure your makeup as well as your experience with me is absolutely perfect.

But if I need to hire an assistant for a big wedding, I do have someone on hand. 

2. I am interested in booking you for a trial to try out your services.  How do I go about doing so?

Simply click on the "Contact" and submit an inquiry depending on the service you're needing. 

3. Do you do airbrushing?

I have always learned and have been taught that it is all in the techniques in which you apply makeup.  Pressing in foundations and powders prolong your makeup without a doubt.  I use all high end/ best of the best products on all of my clients.  I guarantee that your makeup will stay in place all day and night of your wedding.

4. Is your makeup waterproof?

There will be no mascara lines, no tear marks... NOTHING streaming down your face on your wedding day!  I know it is a very beautiful and emotional day and many many tears will be shed.  I guarantee everything will stay in place.

5. What is your preferred payment method?

I accept either cash and debit/credit. I do have ways to accept debit/credit but a fee of 2.75% will be added to your bill. 

6. Where do I go for my service? 

All services are done at my home including Bridal Trial. The only times I travel is for weddings. 

7. How many bridal party can you do? 

I like to stick with a max of 6 people total including bride. If more people are looking to get makeup done, I will hire an assistant and there's an extra fee added for having an assistant with me. 

8. When should I book my trial services? 

That is up to you! I normally recommend 3 months in advance. 

 Hart & FIg Photography

Hart & FIg Photography